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Originally Posted by slimkay View Post
Quebecois French is not a language, BTW, it's a dialect. IMO, it's a bastardized version of the European (Standard) French. Further, it's only recognized in Quebec. If you speak Quebecois French in France, you're highly likely to be laughed at... and nobody will understand what you mean.

There are a lot of differences between Quebecois French and Standard (European) French Grammar is different, the vocabulary (lot more anglicisms in the informal vocabulary but less in the formal (Frenchmen truly love their ''stops'' and to go ''shopping'' for instance) and more importantly, the accent.

I strongly encourage you to learn Standard French which is recognized everywhere. On the other hand, Quebecois French will only serve you well in Quebec. Most of the anglos I know are learning Standard French, but since they live in Quebec, they are able to converse in 'Quebecois'.

If you listen to Quebec TV shows or RDS broadcasts and at the same time learning Standard French, you will likely be confused. However, I can say that Pierre Houde (play-by-play announcer at RDS) speaks an excellent French. Sadly, his peers Benoit Brunet (LOL!) and the rest of the RDS crew do not.
FOr the moment lets accept there is a single Québecois dialect (there are several, talk to someone from Montreal and then to someone from Gaspé or Abitibi) , to call it a bastardization is a misnomer.

Québecois in fact retains far closer phonetics to 16th-17th century French than modern "Standard"/International French. There's a few syntactic and other grammatical quirks its held on to as well.

On the other hand it contains various innovations, mostly due to its close contact with English, at least in Montreal.

Its really pretty damn cool from a linguistic perspective.

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