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Originally Posted by kdb209 View Post
Sigh. This piece of mis-information keeps coming back.

A team that loses a player on Waivers has no special priority if he is waived again. Waiver priority is ONLY based on standings - last seasons if before Nov 1, otherwise the current standings (based on a %-age of possible pts earned, to account for differences in games played).

The ONLY benefit that a team has (if they lose a player on Waivers and he is later waived again that season) is that if they are the only team to put in a claim then, they are permitted to send the player down without asking waivers again. This is to prevent a single team from perpetually blocking a Loan by continually claiming and then re-waiving a player.
Show me the statute that says that. As far as I have ever read from anything (including bloggers, team beat writers, etc) was that if a player is claimed and the claiming team wants to move him anywhere other than putting him on their NHL roster (IE: waive, trade, buyout etc) than the team that lost the player on waivers is offered the player first and foremost. If they decline than he has to go through normal waivers again, and if not claimed that time, the player can be moved.

This is exactly what happened with the Lightning and Chicago with Smolenak last year.

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