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Originally Posted by phillyfanatic View Post
That is right. If the FLyers were at the upper limit right now Svyret would add to the total dollars we could spend this year (his daily salary). Since we are 400,000 under the cap - his daily salary will eat away at that number. So tomorrow, capgeek should read that we have 390,000 (as an example) of cap space. If we had 0 in cap space and 1 million in LTIR allowance then his salary would add to that 1 million.

We were in really good shape having three goalies and 8 D with players on LTIR as it was continually adding to our upper limit (we are currently at 61 million versus most teams at 59.4 million). So when the players come back and Leighton, Walker waived and sent down then you have those numbers off the books with noboby replacing them (since they were extra bodies) + you have the LTIR allowance that accrued. It was good while Leighton was still on the books, now that he is in the minors (which was the right move due to the three goalie problem is was causing) we are now chewing away at the extra money Leighton provided to get a new player.

If Leighton was waived at the deadline, that 400,000 of cap space would have been there for us to use, now.....we are eating it away with guys replacing LTIR players.
Yea you're mistaken.

To put it simply, if you are using LTIR, you are NOT "in really good shape".

If you are using LTIR at all, that means you aren't banking ANY daily cap savings. Whereas if you are UNDER the Upper Limit (AKA not using LTIR at all), you ARE banking daily cap savings.

Banking daily cap savings > not banking daily cap savings.

Long story short: LTIR = BAD cap situation

Edit: It might be more accurate to say LTIR = no cap flexibility (so some might say bad).

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