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Originally Posted by A2HockeyDad View Post

I am in the exact situtation as you are. Though it sounds as though you have a bit more experience/sound technique, I am looking to upgrade my boots as well.

My son has gotten more into hockey as he's growing up, and some of his teammates Dad's have gotten me into a adult beer league starting tomorrow. During some of the Father/Son and pick-up games I've attended, it's been mentioned that my current skates may not be fitting as well as they might (lots of ankle-bending room). Now I'm sure most of this is due to my limited time logged on-ice, but I can't help thinking that one of the skate models in the same price range you are mentioning, the Bauer X50 or CCM U+12 might be nice skates to upgrade to for many of the benefits they would offer (stiffness, light-weight, bakeability to get superior fit, etc.) over my few year old Reebok 5K pumps.

I'm sure they aren't essential, but I can't help thinking they certainly couldn't hurt as well as being excellent models to grow into as I begin to get even more serious in the sport.

If you plan to play for a long time then I guess an upgrade into something comfortable and durable is a good idea. The more and more I look into it it seems as if when you spend $200 you get a year or two (More depending how often you play, but I play 2-4 times a week) out of your boot but if you go for a higher model you may use them for life. I'm hoping this is true and my one off purchase will save me money in the long run. Good luck to you, I'll have to let you know how my new skates feel after a few sessions.

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