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Originally Posted by thadd View Post
If Vancouver is willing to trade C-H, then that means they lack confidence in his ability to completely recover and reach the potential he's expected to reach.

Before his injury I think we could say he had potential to turn into a 1st line center. But with the injuries he's been through some doubters might say he'd be lucky to turn into a 2nd line center at this point.

If Vancouver's willing to trade him, that kills his trade value IMO.

Booth, on the other hand ...

2007/01/20 Missed 2 games (upper body injury).
2007/10/26 Missed 1 game (neck injury).
2007/12/30 Missed 8 games (knee injury).
2008/12/18 Missed 8 games (left shoulder injury).
2009/03/05 Missed 1 game (rib injury).
2010/01/31 Missed 45 games (concussion).
2010/04/11 Missed the last 9 games of the regular season (concussion).

Those 2 recent concussions are a cause for concern otherwise he isn't in the Gaborik category. Still, if Florida wants to trade him that speaks a volume or two in their belief of him also turning into an injury case.

A long story short, there's no way Vancouver would be adding a 1st rounder. You could argue about whether or not it would be a 2nd or 3rd rounder...but considering Vancouver would be taking on salary, there's no way they'd be paying a 1st.
Come on do you really believe this? Because I'm sure other GM's around the league don't think Cody's stock has dropped that much. Some people like you have to be more patient with prospects and let the guy have some playing time. Now I could definatly see a deadline deal done between Tallon and Gillis revolving around Reasoner, if Bolduc falls out of favor or get's injured.

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