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06-26-2005, 03:06 PM
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Originally Posted by goodrev
if you recall niedermayer was asking for 10 mill from NJ before the lockout, he will likely not settle for less than 5-6 mill under the cap so really the flyers can not afford him unless they are expecting to let JR loose also
That's about 15% of the total cap tied up into 1 player. Between the cap, and the lockout, salaries are going to be down. I think we're going to see the big names get about 5 max. And the Flyers could swing that depending on what the soft cap really is.

but i cant see that happening, cant have the only veteran presence on the tea being primeua and dejardins. i would love to keep leclair on the team being i think the year off will help him greatly but i think he is only like a 1.5-2 mill a year guy with incentives
Which is why he won't be back. I will miss watching him roll his eyes after he misses the net with a shot again.

neidemeyer would be a great fit as a player, but not as a salary number
Figure he's not signing with the Preds or Caps, so basically any team he wants to sign with is going to have the same issue we have.

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