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06-26-2005, 04:58 PM
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Let's realize this...

McCabe, et al, said stupid things in the heat of a negotiation process. The converse was to keep their mouths shut or say they'd accept whatever the owners give them. There's three choices and they chose one. They lost. Big deal. Ten+ years ago, and years after, they won.

And for people who think the owners 'know' what 'had to be done to insure" long-term viability...poppycock! That's pure BS and naivity. This was more about Bettman righting a wrong he did to the owners way back when. This brings him out ahead in the owners' minds. It wasn't about viability. Yeah, the owners whined they're losin money....Lowe states he can't operate in this It's was all a game...posturing...and the NHL and owners thought that they'd be able to hold-off longer than the players (they did build a significant war chest - which when you're losing so much money, I don't know how that's done), and thus were able to outlast them. Further, they played the public to a tee, many of whom turned on the players and felt bad for the owners...felt bad for the money-losing billionaires. Felt bad for Dolan, Snider and the rest.

They lost...big deal...move on. It was all part of a game anyways.

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