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01-06-2011, 07:54 PM
Rich Nash
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Originally Posted by RangerEsq View Post
Yup, that's how I feel.

If we traded Sauer and Weise, the two ready guys, for Brad, I'd be pretty happy with it.

If we traded Big Mac and Chris Thomas, I'd be very pissed.

If all I wanted was a player who is ready, I wouldn't need to get an average-to-below-average rookie with no experience. I would go out and sign a nice 28-year-old role player, and you know that those guys come pretty cheap.

But the funny thing about these forums is that a 28-year-old vet who knows how to play NHL hockey is treated as worse, far worse, than a 20-year-old role player who keeps making rookie mistakes, and does not have the potential to ever be anything more than that very 28-year-old.

It's all about emotions, not logic, for most fans...
I'd trade Weise in a heartbeat in the right package. It's not just about NHL readiness with Mike Sauer.

Sauer has played like a poised veteran in his first full year in the NHL and has displayed enough skill to be a 2nd pairing guy. If he's able to overcome injury issues he's going to be a rock on our blueline.

I'd take an NHL ready second pairing guy over a huge project capable of becoming a first pairing guy, and I'm all on the D-Mac wagon.

If Mac wasn't so raw maybe i'd agree, but right now he's not really showing enough to make me believe he'll reach his ceiling. Of course that can change because he's a prospect, which is why nobody should be getting upset some of us are considering Sauer a top prospect. It's absolutely astounding he's made ONE mistake that jumps out as a rookie, especially as a D-man.

Really, the only thing Mac has over Sauer is he's just a behemoth. But that doesn't mean he'll be an NHL monster. As much as I hate to use this since it's so tired, look at Jessiman.

edit- Not to mention Mac is a humongous project. If he scrapes his ceiling it will be great. But he can also bust completely and not even be a third pairing guy. i'm not sold on him being able to hack it just because of his size.

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