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06-26-2005, 06:40 PM
True Blue
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But at what price did the "victory" come at? Hockey does not have nearly the fan base of baseball, and all it took for fans to come back were a decade, Sosa & Mcgwire & Ripken. Was the victory really worth coming back to a landscape in which hockey is not even the 5 most popular sport, but rather the (maybe) 8th or 10th most popular sport, behind bowling and the indoor football league?
Hockey was not popular in virtually all expansion teams. Now, after a year with no hockey, you really think those cities will thrive? Was victory really worth the loosing of major sponsors? How about the tv contract that they had?


"Simple. He won. This is also why he'll still have his job while Goodenow is ushered out the door."

While I have no desire to rehash our many debates on the subject matter, I would only say that, IMO, anyone who had anything to do with the cancelation of the season, should have no part of the "new" NHL.

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