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06-27-2005, 02:11 AM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
IMO, anyone who had anything to do with the cancelation of the season, should have no part of the "new" NHL.
Well that of course would mean eliminating quite a few players and forcing a number of owners to sell. Unrealistic at best.

Besides, if a deal couldn't be consummated, it couldn't be consummated. The owners had to prove to the players they meant business. That's no one's fault really. You can't blame the players for thinking they could win just by holding the line; ownership generally surrenders in the end.

And you can't blame the owners for being more willing to stand by their principles than the players were.

Finally, I just don't get all the crying about pyhrric victories. Who cares if the league doesn't have a national TV deal? Who cares if the fan base shrinks? It's not the first time the league's operated without a national TV deal, and the fan base will be no smaller than it was 40 years ago. Why the hand wringing? Are some of us really that sympathetic to the potential plight of the smaller, newer markets who will be most hurt by this lockout? (We certainly shouldn't be. It's the small markets who were most aggressive in these talks.) Or is the "victory at what price?" rhetoric a simple expression of sour grapes for PA supporters?

There will always be an NHL.
There will always be a Stanley Cup.
There will always be a New York Rangers club.

Given those three facts I have to say that I just don't give a fig about a national TV deal or fan reaction. Let the NHL become the 3rd rate league it was in the 50s. Who cares? Hockey was great in the 50s (or so I hear). I'll be pleased to watch the Blueshirts play against at least 23 other teams, and if revenues fall as a result of the lockout, oh well. The owners will pocket less; the players will pocket less; and the Stanley Cup will still be awarded at the end of the new season.

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