Thread: Injury Report: Rozsival has a ribcage injury
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01-07-2011, 10:07 AM
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Originally Posted by RangerFan10 View Post
The problem with the "throw the kids in there, we aren't winning the cup!" argument is you can't just throw a guy into 20 minutes of NHL ice time and expect them to become an all-star. That's not how players are developed. Sure, some ARE brought away this way and it works. That isn't everyone though.

Gilroy has reached the point where he probably needs the ice time to learn, especially with his confidence at an all-time high. But I really don't think the answer to MDZ's troubles or continuing along McDonagh's development is ~20 minutes of ice time. Sauer also probably COULD handle 20 minutes, but given his injury history do we really want to rush him too? Of all of them, I'll agree that there are probably 4 of all our d-men outside of Roszival that wouldn't be hurt by that kind of ice time. I still don't think it makes us a better team, whether it be the short or long term.

You've also got to realize if we deal Roszival, there's no way we're not taking salary back. Whether or not we can find useful/non-detrimental salary that isn't on a long term deal has yet to be seen.
There are teams not pushing the edge of the cap like Atlanta and others who would take him off our hands for prospects in an attempt to improve their chances of making the playoffs since his actual salary is well below his cap hit. let's see if it happens.

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