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Originally Posted by Patriks7 View Post
Well if he doesn't sign with the Devils, I think the Rangers really are a good destination for him. It's not that far for him to move. He would have quite some USA players around him (and a couple USA Olympians as well). The Rangers as a team have a hell of a lot more potential than the Devils in the next couple years, and could become a big threat with someone like him on the team. He would fit right in perfectly with his work ethic. He knows the Atlantic Division well, so he might want to stay here as well.

The question is, though, how would he get here? We'd have to trade a hell of a lot for him and if we offer-sheet him, that would be a lot of picks gone.

If we could get him, our offense would be incredible though. And I think I would get him over Richards as well. I believe AA and Stepan will improve enough by the time we make a Cup push that having someone like Parise on the team will be more important.
Keep thinking the same thing about Parise. Imagine him and Dubi as your top 2 LW's. Stepan centering either of the two. What about Boyle moving to the top 6 and moving to the right side? Either with Parise or Dubi. Still have Callahan. Maybe Kreider if he makes the trasnition. At the end of the day, an all American top 6 has probably never happened before cept of course in International competition. It would be really interesting to see it happen, along with a complete homegrown defense...Which is really not that far off at all!

Keep saying it to the universe.

How would he get here of course is the big question? Almost have to hope that next year he signs a one year deal with the Devils. If that happens, two things can occur. If the Devs feel he is going to bolt the following season as a UFA then can move him at the deadline. Rangers by next deadline should have assets a plenty. So while not likely the Devs and Rangers swing a deal, it is possible the Rangers with a wealth of assets can land him via trade. Anisimov, 2012 1st as the building blocks.

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