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01-07-2011, 10:48 AM
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I noticed that too. I spent a couple hours shooting on Monday and was all over the place with catching the toe, but on Wednesday I spent an hour and had no problems. For whatever reason I was trying to shoot the puck too close to my body and moving it a bit further away solved the problem. I'm guessing the additional curve of the Sakic allows you to cup the puck more, giving it a bit higher lie.

I found some older TPS Adrenaline OPS with Nash curves that seem interesting. If I can talk them down on the price, and if the intermediate flex is stiff enough (I need something between an intermediate and senior whip flex), I might pick one up. The Nash seemed to be a tamer Sakic, a bit more of a mid/heel than true mid, so it might play in between.

I do really like how the Drury just "starts" both the curve and loft in one place, so you can cup the puck right there. Seems that a more gradual curve might actually be less predictable and harder to control the height as the puck would slide down the blade.

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