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01-07-2011, 12:02 PM
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With players like HolÝs and Zuccarello doing well in the NHL and getting a fair bit of press, the sport may indeed gain a bit more interest from the average guy in the street.

In Norway, hockey's main problem is that it has a somewhat bad reputation. It is regarded as a sport for bullies and macho-men and Joe Public doesn't really get the point of it. And until that reputation is sorted out things will never improve considerably.

Secondly, the is such a lack of rinks in this country that the sport will never be big. There isn't a single rink north of Trondheim (look at the map...!) and the sport is only popular is a few local regions not nationwide.

The progress in recent years of prospects and players is very nice to see, but in the end there is a limit to how far it'll go.

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