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Originally Posted by BigFatCat999 View Post
That can be irritating. Fact is that it's not nice because you are basically crapping on an entire area.

BUT Nashville was trying to move NJ to Middle TN and guess what. If that happened we would have been just as guilty with NJ's blood on our hands.correct me if i am wrong, but that was ownership wanting to move, not a new owner trying to move team before he even owned the team And if you think about it, when you want something there is jealousy. You see someone have something that you want and you have a tendency to hate.

There is always people who do stupid things but there is hope that they grow up. I've seen it in myself and many others from NP who frankly, I wanted to strangle but I'm watching them grow up and mature.

Being a hockey fan is not being a member of a fan base but being a part of a community. Sure once in a while the neighbors get rowdy and stupid but guess what, so have we from time to time. No one is innocent. EVERYONE has made a post or had a thought without thinking things through.

Having a short memory helps with life.amen Having forgiveness does too. If anyone were to come on the boards and spout off about moving the team as moderator I will handle the problem, delete the post and reprimand the poster.
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