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01-07-2011, 12:22 PM
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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
That's quite the rotten apple who puts up 20 pts in 17 games. Maybe he's a rotten apple in habs land where we can't give chances to young talented players out of principle and alienate them at every turn. The principle of making sure crabby old vets - who will never make this franchise take the next steps mind you - stay happy.

And lets say he was a total mess. Do you send him down to hamilton out of camp ? It doesn't look to me like Martin tried real hard here....

But let's give Martin the benefit of the doubt. Maybe SK came in the locker room high on meth and snorted a line of coke off of a hooker's boobs in front of Martin. If that's the case, you keep the young promising player in your line up for a week or two until you can find a taker. Someone who will take him off your hands for a decent return before his value is shot to hell and back.

We didn't work with the player so he could improve and be valuable. We, instead, alienated him as much as we could by sending him to the minors out of the gate and expected him to be happy about it, work hard to get back in the line up. I'm sorry but it's not 1980 anymore. You gotta get the most out of these guys on ELCs.

Barring the will to work with the player, we should at least have the common sense to maximize the value of our assets. Which we happily fail to do at every turn and then rationalize it with my top 5 of excuses :

1. He was a rotten apple
2. He matured the day we traded him
3. He couldn't have done it here
4. It wouldn't have worked with Martin's system
5. Don't worry he's going to go back to his old ways soon

And you know this how ?

Apparently, everything is fine in Nashville though.

Apparently, Boucher had no problems whatsoever with SK either.

Maybe.. maybe Martin does that with young players. Screw them over until they're fed up and want out.

There never was a good reason to send SK back to Hamilton before even one match of the season. That was a dumb ass move. It was just dumb I'm sorry. If he's got such huge attitude problems then you trade him when his value is still good, or you work with the player to fix the issue.

We don't do that here for some reason. All players should be exactly the same and not require any attention. I fully agree with those saying our management sucks. It does. And so does the coaching methods with young players. But that's kinda tied in together.
Don't waste your time. We love our milk drinkers around here. And the play on the ice reflects the meantime, that Grabovski who Burke wouldn't like to keep too much is the only good news in TO and SKost is showing why he was pissed to not be used so much and Lats.....All of them cheap and would do way more than what we're having.

But no, hey those guys HAD to be moved, they were lazy and hamburgers eaters...'Cause surely Moen isn't lazy...or Pouliot....or Gomez....or Cammalleri....or AKost or Spacek or almost every player in this team....'CAuse I've been told that you have to work to get your place in the lineup. Not the other way around. So surely Moen deserved his place a whole lot this year. So his Gomez. But then they are vets, you can't displease them. But let's prefer handicapping our future instead. But then, we'll just overpaid tons of players in 5 years to replace the guys we let go...Rinse and repeat. But no. There are people defending Pyatt like he's the next Frank Selke winner but were ready to throw out talent like Grabs, SKost and Lats 'cause they were **** disturber based on things they learned from the journalists they don't believe when they talk about the players they like....

Those trades were a big joke. We were sending the guys with the best potential. The only thing needed is time and maturity. But we have so many things to do here besides developing them and showing them how it should be done. We draft them, let them know what the NHL is, and let the others develop them.....

Oh my god! Ship them away 'cause that 20 yo kid is actually handling himself like....a 20 yo kid. Yes, some are more mature than others but the ones that aren,t are actually acting their age. Work with them, if you can't, hire some people who will.

It's another freakin joke to say that we couldn't get swat from them. Well if so, and since you know they have some talent, you then KEEP THEM. How many players have we shipped out for supposed bad behaviour....and what about the other teams in the league? Isn't that a little enough to ask some question about how this organization is being run? Or do we again have to hide behind "Well they are the professionnals, they should know what they're doing..." Well apparently not. Most kids are demonstrating the talent that Timmins thought they had. And most kids are showing how right they were when they were not used properly.

But instead, let be happy for them for what they're doing elsewhere....And let's try to convince ourselves that they all were addition by substraction....Really can't believe the break that this organization is getting when you see all those guys are developed elsewhere and with the results our team is getting with the incredible addition by substraction theory.....

I mean who's next? Why would Subban not leave this organization then? Don't we hear tons of stories as well? AKost is surely the next. What about Price? No, not him, 'cause I've been told that they would work with the be it. But isn't that ok to also work with the "very good" or even just the "good" ones? Don't you need those types of players on your team?

But no again. They didn't fit in the identity of the team. An identity we still are looking for. And the identity is surely not grit and intensity. So much that even the teams that are playing against us, can't believe what Subban is doing. And Subban is just doing what a whole lot of players are doing but from a Hab player...sorry, it doesn't fit.

Timmins is slowly but surely going to get the recognition he deserved. Aside from his 1st rounders, the guy is almost the perfect guy from 2nd round and under. Yet, he doesn't see them play with us. How frustrating is it really....

But I guess I speak 'cause I don't like the team I've been following for so long now and will keep follow. I'm just pretty much consequent, been defending those players then and still now. But I'm also not a sheep and I'm not a fan of the management we're having. Will still hope my team wins. It so has nothing to do with that but some people will find a way to bring it to that....

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