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01-07-2011, 12:46 PM
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I understand your point too. Sometimes prospects are just too high a risk to even draft. Like that skinny little kid who couldn't even skate that well despite his small size. What was his name... Wayne something. He was not drafted in the 70s and had to start his career in the WHA.

But in all seriousness, I do understand that some high-risk, high-return prospects are just too high-risk.

I get that some become Jessiman... though some become Getzlaf. If the Rangers added a run-of-the-mill guy like Sundstrom to the roster, how much better would they have been?

As a general rule, I will go for potential difference-makers over someone who can be signed inexpensively as a free agent.

I want more guys like Chris Thomas. Sure, he may bust. But if he makes it, it will be a beautiful sight in MSG.

In the future, if we have a choice between another Sundstrom or going for a guy who may turn out to be Getzlaf or Jessiman, go for the Getzlaf/Jessiman guy. We can always sign someone like Frolov to replace a Sundstrom. There's nothing you can do to acquire Getzlaf short of giving up half of your roster and paying him $10 a year.

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