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01-07-2011, 01:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
So, assuming I just tallied that correct, you have 36 D in the NHL getting 4+M cap hits. So, lets just nip it in the bud that the going rate for a 4-5-6 (what Meszaros is right now) is in the ballpark for him.
Unfortunately for you, Meszaros is a 2-3-4 getting paid like a 2-3-4 and playing like a 2-3-4 in the role of a 4-5-6.

It's not a hard concept.

You want a dominant 3rd pairing? Then you pay a 2-3-4 to play a 4-5-6. Just because he's dominating lesser competition doesn't mean you overpaid him. You pay for that dominance. If you want a mediocre 3rd pairing then go ahead and throw $2m at some chump. We didn't want a mediocre 3rd pairing and, because of Meszaros, we didn't get a mediocre 3rd pairing.

You pay what you get for.

Of course he's overpaid right? He's only leading the NHL is +/-, putting up a respectable amount of points, playing solid defense no matter who he's playing against, stepping up and playing against tougher competition when injury situations arise, logging the most minutes on some nights and a hefty chunk of the minutes on others, and doing it all very quietly and under the radar.

That's called return for investment, but you have Holmgren hate shoved so far up your butt that you can't admit that he made the right call; that something is really working out. Instead everyone has to be overpaid, or making boneheaded plays, or not pulling his weight. If you want to hate the world then be my guest, but don't grasp at straws when arguing the logistics of whether a player performing extremely well is being "overpaid."

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