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Originally Posted by WDR357 View Post
You just don't get it but at least Crusaders did. The idea that professional hockey players aren't that strong simply because they use reps (like almost everyone else that stays in shape does) is laughable.

I'll give you another example since you just don't seem to get it or want to admit I'm correct. Brad Thiessen of the WBS Penguins played his college hockey at Northeastern. Before his senior year in the 225 pound squat he did approximately 58 reps. I was told he could have done more but the trainers said he had done plenty. Are you going to argue that he couldn't squat 300 because he only does "reps"??

Going back to the original issue of women being able to compete with men at the professional level, it is again laughable. They just aren't strong enough. I don't need to know whether professional players ever max out to know what they can do on a bench or squat just based on what I've experienced myself. Like I said before, I weigh 165 and bench approximately 250 and squat roughly 275-300. And I'm nowhere near how strong those players are.

BTW, I do play occasionally with kids who play juniors or college.
If you bench 250 you're already stronger benching than most NHLers. While many will probably be able to equal or exceed that total, I assure you that number dwindles the closer you get to 300. Phil Kessel cannot bench 250, neither can his buddy Grabo. Luke Schenn and Phaneuf? Now you're looking at guys approaching 300. Believe me, 300 isn't some rare unheard of feat, but it's not an expectation.

Squatting is entirely different, that's an NHLers bread and butter in terms of weight lifting. Ovechkin's upper body looks like my grandfather's, but he can probably squat more than I can bench and squat put together.

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