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Originally Posted by ThisIsOilCountry View Post
Alright guys, so an update on the game on thursday:
The game went well no big problems, except one small issue arose, a player fell behind the net and was "hurt," they weren't seriously injured so we [the other ref and I] let play continue. During this time the other team had possession, meanwhile the coach of the kid who was hurt was yelling his face off to blow the whistle due to the injured player. I waited until his team gained possession and followed with the whistle outside the zone, because they were in the attacking zone. I feel I did the right thing, but apparently I didn't according to this coach.
Yeah, I dealt with that once, too. Felt miserable about it afterward.

What level were you reffing? Was it house league or a competitive tournament with travelling teams?

I've gone back and forth on that play in my head over the years, and here's what I've finally decided upon:

First, you did call the play correctly according to the letter of the rule book.

If this were a competitive tournament or something, I'd say just go ahead and stick to the letter of the rulebook......although you may wish to discuss it with your supervisor at your rink and/or write a letter to the local governing body for clarification on this rule.

However, if this is a rec league for youths......just blow the whistle.

You frequently see cases in the NHL when a player takes a slapshot to the head and drops that the referee immediately blows the whistle. Sometimes, he doesn't even wait until the player has finished dropping to the ice much less waiting for the other team to have possession of the puck before blowing the play dead.

When dealing with player safety at the rec league level, particularly with youths, I'd suggest just erring on the side of player safety......even if the letter of the rulebook says otherwise.

If you feel like the player's faking it (ex.: he bounces right back up afterwards) you could always assess an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty after the fact. Same if it seems to keep happening in future games. If there's a breakaway, maybe you could just let the rush finish, but then blow the play dead once more players get back into the zone and they start passing it around regardless of possession.

Here's how I see it--5 years from now, nobody will remember one random whistle that stopped play and prematurely squashed one scoring opportunity in a mid-season youth rec league game......but I still vividly remember laying against the end boards crumpled in pain on the ice with a broken ankle praying that the guy winding up for a slapshot would be able to get it on goal rather than missing the net wide and hitting me (it was just a pickup game).

Err on the side of safety. Especially with kids.

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