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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
BTW, lets clear up this "you have to pay that money to someone" approach that Shafer is outlining. Just running down capgeek.

Pens - 2 D 4+
Boston - 1 D 4+
Detroit - 2 D 4+
Calgary - 2 D 4+
Vancouver - 2 D 4+
Chicago - 2 D 4+
SJ - 1 D 4+
Minny - 1 D 4+
Sens - 1 D 4+
Caps - 2 D 4+
Flyers - 3 D 4+
Devs - 1 D 4+
Habs - 2 D 4+
Leafs - 3 D 4+
Ducks - 1 D 4+
Kings - 0
Sabres - 0
Columbus - 0
Dallas - 0
Carolina - 1 D 4+
Nashville - 1 D 4+
Florida - 1 D 4+
TB - 0 D 4+
PHX - 1 D 4+
Oilers - 2 D 4+
STL - 1 D 4+
Avs - 1 D 4+
ATL - 1 D 4+
NYI - 1 D 4+

So, assuming I just tallied that correct, you have 36 D in the NHL getting 4+M cap hits. So, lets just nip it in the bud that the going rate for a 4-5-6 (what Meszaros is right now) is in the ballpark for him. This is without getting into the fact that a number of those contracts are viewed as horrible deals. There is NO WAY Meszaros is worthy of his contract... and the fact of the matter is that he's never played to the level of that contract. This is exacerbated by the fact that the contract market has changed considerably since he signed the deal, with teams paying far more attention to getting lowered cap hits on their roster as their respective cap situations have solidified with longer deals littered here and there.

You can argue that Meszaros has been a good addition to this team... but if he were an UFA tomorrow, he almost certainly does not sign the deal he's currently playing under. Probably signs for (at least) a million less.... especially coming off the years he had in TB. While his +/- is impressive for this club, his lack of production on the PP is quite notable given that he gets minutes there. It also has to be accounted for that he's playing among the easiest shifts on the entire team.
Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
Here's the reality.

Everyone thinks Meszaros is overpaid because he's playing on the "third pairing." He's had games where his pairing has played the most minutes and he's stepped up in the absence of Pronger, but I'll just ignore that simple fact for all of your sake for now.

The truth is, if you wanted to get an average 3rd pairing player for $1m-$2m, fine. You also have to realize that such a player would not be nearly as good as Meszaros is doing against lesser competition.

We're not paying Meszaros to be an average 3rd pairing defenseman. We're paying him to be a dominant 3rd pairing defenseman; to make our defense that much deeper and harder to much up against regardless of who is on the ice.

So complaining about Meszaros' salary per his production is akin to asking for another average 3rd pairing defenseman like Alberts, Jones, Kukkonen, Krajicek or any number of average to terrible guys we've had on the 3rd pairing and expecting them to be as successful in the role that Meszaros is filling as Meszaros.

Meszaros gets paid to be a dominant 3rd pairing defenseman, and honestly, I doubt you'll find a better 3rd pairing defenseman in the NHL. Why is that? Well most of it is because he should be playing a lot higher than the 3rd pairing.

But this is yet another mark that the great "voices of reason" on this Flyers' board have missed; fairly high and wide I might add. You completely Jeff Carter'd the logic on this one.
C'mon buddy, Meszaros is being paid better than many first pairing Ds, and the vast majority of second paring d's.

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