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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
We're paying Meszaros to play defense for the Philadelphia Flyers. We're paying him 4M a year (for the next 4 years) to do that. Remove the name and dwell on that, rather than simply Meszaros. Alberts (who would be fine as a 3rd pairing guy), Jones, Kukkonen, Krajicek... bottom barrel. We're not talking about those types of players as a possible replacement. You can overspend on the third pairing guy without overspending by as much as is the case for Meszaros (which could still play out down the line if we move one of Coburn/Carle).

The comedy here is how completely out of line your logic is in arriving at this point. The critique of Meszaros is not that he has played poorly, or not been a good on ice acquisition for the Flyers this year... he has played well, and clearly improved the back end of the team's D (so has O'Donnell). So you're essentially creating a paper tiger to tear down and make yourself feel better, given that your $4M is the going rate... have to pay to get... etc. arguments are pretty much empty vessels when placed within the context of actual reality as far as the contracts that are out there.

$4M is most certainly not the going rate for a 2nd pairing guy. $3M isn't even necessarily the going rate for a 2nd pairing guy. There are no. 1s and 2s out there making less than Meszaros.
UFAs 1 and 2s? On Cup contenders?

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