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Originally Posted by The Inebriator View Post
I wasn't really trying to compare the Pens in a who's better type of way, just pointing out that even the best teams have some major weaknesses. Their winger situation is absolutely a weakness but as you pointed out their Center depth can help mitigate that. Same goes for our D - Goalie situtation, IMO.
The Pens can get away with it though because they have 2 guys who are all-world players when they're on plus Staal who is arguably a better ES player than anyone on the Flyers roster except for maybe Carter (and that's a big maybe).

I don't really agree that Carle, Coburn, and Mez are drastically overpaid. D is expensive and lately 3.5-4.5 is the going rate for your above average 2ndish pairing guys. Carle and Coburn particularly can be frustrating to watch and its easy to sour on them until you watch some other teams and realize that our defense is a luxury. There's a lot of ****** D out there and not many teams even have guys like Carle and Coburn in their 3-5 spots
I do think you can make that argument for Carle and maaybbeee Mes (I think Mes has a higher defensive ceiling if he's given more of an opportunity), but not for Coburn.

Coburn contributes zero offensively and is very average defensively, I mean, what makes Coburn that much better than a guy like O'Donnell when it comes down to it?

Originally Posted by MountainHawk View Post
Fine. Which team is better, the Flyers who are built the first way, or the Devils, Habs, and Leafs who all have or will have $5M+ goalies?
Which team is better, the Flyers or the Canucks? Which team is better, the Flyers or the Pens?

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