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10-08-2003, 06:24 PM
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Krestanovich & Stephens stank during training camp & the preseason games. Did they feel they already had a spot on the team, so they didn't have to work? Did they feel bummed about being sent down too soon? It shouldn't matter. The game is to work hard all the time.
Originally Posted by Bearsfan22
Even the young D-men struggled. Nikita Alexeev, Viitanen, and Finger seemed a little lost.
Alexeev only arrived Tues for practice, he wasn't involve in camp or the preseason games. And he isn't a D-man!!

Viitanen - I'm not worried about him. He has a huge adjustment to make since he did not play last year due to injury. He seemed a bit lost, but you can tell he works hard all the time, & that he's a fast learner.

Finger seems lost the whole time. He should have stayed in college for his last year. He spent almost the whole 2nd period during the 1st preseason game in the penalty box. In fact he just got sent down to Reading.

Slovak did not stuggle at all. He was the 3rd best defenseman during training camp. He only played in the first preseason game & did a great job. He sat the other 2 games because his ankle is injured.

The scrimmages during training camp proved to be very interesting. The most offensive threats (Brule, Krestanovich, & Stephens) were on the White team, but they couldn't score. Except for the line of Voltera, Kuleshov, & Richardson, the White team couldn't do anything. It just seemed like the team did not play as a team, instead, they were a bunch of individuals on the ice. They hardly talked to each other on the ice. This has me the most worried, especially Krestanovich & Stephens, they played almost all last year together. How much time do they need to 'gel'? The players need to play as a team and help each other. The Black team was the complete opposite: they talked & played as a team, they didn't need time to 'gel'. They came to camp as 'team players'.

One thing the Black team had in its favor was Budaj . And Im not talking about his ability as a goalie. The guy is great at pulling a team together his mouth never stops! Well, at least when hes on the bench. If you ever get a chance, get behind Budaj when hes on the bench. He is a hoot! Hes excellent at supporting his team, & he taunting the other team, even if its in jest. Remember for next training camp.

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