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01-07-2011, 08:53 PM
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With kids, just blow it down, both coaches will eventually understand why.

Next time that happens, blow the whistle, go to the kid, make sure he is ok, signal the coach to come out, when he comes out to check on the kid, go to the other bench and explain why you blew the whistle even though his team had possession, 99% of the time you won't have a problem, the 1% you do, light him up like a Christmas tree, and that's the last problem you will have with that particular coach.

Having said that, did an "A" game last night, last game of the night, fast pace, most of the guys played juniors, college, pro etc, from the drop of the puck I was yelling "no stick, no stick guys" to keep the sticks from being too active, 10min into the game, kid tries to pull a stick check but instead of popping it up, he lifts and lifts, and lifts, stick comes near the guy's head, doesn't hit him, but I call it anyways to let the guys know to knock it off. Team I called it against was ok with it, team I called it for was ok with it, until it happened to them, and then it was just a ****fest, penalty after penalty after penalty, and they were up 7-2, it was a disgrace...I got accused of being too safe lol.

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