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01-07-2011, 11:49 PM
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While I'd like to see Pronger there I can't see them naming him this Tuesday when he is still a way from returning... and we don't even know if he will be activated and ready to play by game day. I suppose they can name him and replace him if he is a no go, but personally I don't see that being the case... I'd give him a vote if he were healthy; he isn't and I didn't.

I did vote for Kimmo in his place, as I feel he is worthy... but the question is if he will be selected; will the panel see it that way? I hope so.

I also selected Briere for his timely and often goal scoring and for him having his line running on all cylinders and carrying the team -- although we can argue that the other guys are making him what he is -- I kinda think his flair will get him in.

I voted back when this was opened and I believe I also selected Richards for being the leader of the team... in points, assists and in the Room; it is his team, and they are an elite bunch over the first half of the season... Again, I don't know if the panel will see that with the limited center spots that will remain after the marque names are already selected, along with hopefully Briere... I hope so also in this case.

While Giroux deserves to go, IMO he won't get a sniff due to the numbers crunch at center... and won't be a wing either.

Bob once deserved consideration... but he has lost his job on the team... how could he be chosen for the entire League.

The rest either don't have the name or don't shine enough on a National scale... I'd be surprised if three Flyers are selected... but not because I believe there are not three deserving.

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