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01-07-2011, 11:54 PM
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Name: Steve

Age: 15

Location: Nutley, New Guido

Fav All time Minnesota player (Wild or North Stars): Dino Ciccarelli

Fav Current Wild: Brent motha****in' Burns

Fav Non Wild Players: All the Rangers obviously, Nik Zherdev (<33333), Loui Eriksson, Kris Letang

Fav Wild Prospect: Mikael Granlund

Fav Non Wild Prospects: Jon Merrill, Philip Larsen

Fav Movies: Toy Story

Music: Billy Joel

Hobbies: Play by Play, Writing, Video Games, Graphic things

Fav food: Too many

Fav Beer: I'm obviously under 21, but Bud

Fav Wild moment/how I became a fan: Was following mainly Burns, but I started to love to team. I've been following them extensively all season long, and Ive become a diehard

How long I have been a Wild fan: 2009ish I was a casual fan, this year became a diehard

Origin of screen name: Pretty obvious.

Jerseys owned: Jaromir Jagr, soon, Boyle + Burns Alternate

Married?: lolno

Kids: I sure HOPE I don't have kids.

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