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06-27-2005, 05:28 PM
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Assuming it's either a 24% rollback OR not counting 04-05 (not both), then financially the Kings would be better off if 04-05 doesn't count and they get the 24% rollback. They'd only have Straka, Quintal, Robitaille and Cechmanek under contract but they would save a little over $8 mil in salaries. Cechmanek would cost about $1.8 mil to buy out so that's a pretty good deal IMO. And they don't have too many guys under long-term contracts so not having 04-05 count really doesn't hurt them.

Also, think about how it DOES hurt other the Stars. They are screwed with Guerin. It'll cost them a FORTUNE to buy him out whether 04-05 counts or not, but if it doesn't count it'll cost them $4.5 mil MORE to buy him out. Same with the Blues and Tkachuk (although the NHLPA's proposal says he'll make "only" $5 mil in 06-07)'ll cost them an extra $4.5 mil to buy him out. The list goes on and on and on. IMO, for that reason alone (the damage it does to other teams, the Kings should push for 04-05 NOT to count. In fact, they should be on the NHLPA's side pushing for the 24% rollback and to have 04-05 NOT count.

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