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01-08-2011, 11:21 AM
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Originally Posted by otto bond View Post
What with this bs I'm reading...."it's the coach fault"
I'm so ****ing sick and tired of hearing this **** it sicken me. The thing is that in Montreal, you are front and runner has a player. The parties, the girls and the liquor all come free....even if you are a AHL bound player...these guys are rock stars.
They go to an other team and produce, remember Ribs, LAts, now SK and Grabo and not to forget Leclair and his what 3-4 50+ goals season
I expect the same thing with AK, he is gonna be the player we all saw and wanted once he leaves.
Thing is all those players u mentionned got ice time they never had here. Maybe it has more to do with ice time

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