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01-08-2011, 12:34 PM
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Originally Posted by natey2k4 View Post
I wish we still had D'Agostini. I knew he was a good player, always defended him, and he's definitely having a great season so far.

We expect too much of our players far too quickly.
We as fans? We as media? Or We as our organization? And until recently, I was told so many things and the next one is one of them....I've been told that luckily we had Gainey and Gauthier who do not let their emotions rule their actions...and would certainly not let the fans nor the media dictate what should be done....

So if fans and media aren't responsible of those guys "We" the organization then?

Yes, I did hear the "D'Agostini will never be good", "D'Agostini sucks", "Lats eat hamburgers" and so on....but is that enough to blame a hockey board for their leaving? Or should be blame L'Antichambre or 110%? Or written media like Tremblay?

Yet, the STRONGEST pressure that the media and fans are directing towards the organization, like it or not, is more Quebecers on the team (Note: I'm not debating whether it's good or not, just saying what the pressure is about...). So based on that, how many Quebecers have we? So it would seem that Gainey nor Gauthier couldn't care less about the pressure the fans and media are giving them. So why would they care more about the pressure we'd give them about D'Agostini and Co?

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