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10-08-2003, 06:55 PM
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Would Lowe Trade Salo?

k today I seen a rumour it was

To Phx:
3rd pick

To Edm:

K Boucher costs $2million and I know Lowe is not willing to pay a back-up that much leading me to believe he would be trading Tommy and yesterday I seen the Richards+Khabibulin trade. I don't put a whole lot value into either rumour but when rumours consistently pop-up about someone it makes u wonder if he is being shopped around. Lowe has had a short history of dumping people he did not consider to play well in the playoffs Ulanov after his big mistake against Dallas that one year and now Comrie because he did not deliver, Comrie wanting to leave appears to be a direct result of Lowe's criticism. Lowe also singled out Tommy Salo is he next on the trade block? Tommy makes $3.9million which is huge chunk of change and kryptonite to most Oiler players which always results in a trade. Lowe got burnt by Joseph when he hit free-agency and I don't think he would want to go down that road again. On the other side Lowe got Salo a goalie coach a indication he wants him to stay and last pre-season game said if Tommy could just play 5% better we would be a real threat.

wow found this article as was typing trying to find his contract terms (warning it's a Brown Lee masterpiece)

I assume Lowe would want the new goalie to start the season and getting a new goalie mid-way through the season could hurt team chemistry and trading a guy as well liked as Tommy down the stretch could be a lot of trouble.So what do u guys think?

P.S. Do u think Lowe has enough confidence in Conklin or would he get a back-up goalie with more experience?

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