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10-08-2003, 07:14 PM
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Originally Posted by oildrop
Well Mizral, you've been right before with some of your rumours so Carolina could be a player in this deal. I think Comrie will be getting moved to the Eastern Conference so he can't come back to haunt the Oilers.

Anyways, if Carolina is interested I see Vasicek as ONE of the guys coming back. Lowe has been high on him before and apparently they have moved him to the wing. Maybe him and a d-man or even goalie prospect for Comrie?? I just see Vasicek as a name probably being mentioned IF the two teams are even talking.
Let me be clear, while I do have 'sources' (heh heh, I love that), none of which are talking to me regarding Comrie (they don't know much either).

However, what I do know is that a while ago, Rutherford was questioned if his team would have use for a guy like Comrie, and he said something to the effect, 'Well, we do feel that whenever you can add goal scorers to a team, you take a step forward'. I can't remember much about this, so forgive me if I'm not close here (regarding his exact words).

However, I agree, Vasicek is a real possibility. Vasicek has massive upside, but big questions about his ability to fit in on the Canes. They are going to move him to left wing, as you mentioned and play him with Eric Staal perhaps. I would say he's most certainly available, as moving players around on the ice usually means they are getting fed up with that player.

Vasicek doesn't have the value to land Comrie, but Vasicek + a player or a prospect certainly does. Or, conversely, how about this proposal:

Cole & Vasicek for Comrie & Moreau? Moreau is essentially a poor-man's Cole, and Vasicek.. well, could potentially be as good or better than Comrie! It's a major risk, and I'm not sure if the Canes would be interested, mind you. It certainly adds goal scoring to the Canes, and they have sandpaper guys like Cole all throughout the team. Especially with Markov now back on the team.

As for the poster who mentioned Staal, I really doubt they'd move him. 7 goals in the preseason really gives the Canes a ton of confidence in this kid. I would say his trade value to the Canes is no different to, say, Jason Spezza's to the Senators. I don't think they'd move him at this moment, even for a player of Comrie's goal-scoring abilities.

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