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01-08-2011, 08:05 PM
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Originally Posted by mm6492 View Post
NHL will have someone from the Flyers for sure.

Philadelphia fans but jerseys--->Flyers all star = new jersey------>NHL makes money
Okay... this brings up question that is begging to be asked: Since the teams will not be selected until two days or so before the ASG... how are fans supposed to buy jerseys? I believe it will be Team Blue and Team Red, or something along those lines, so what team is your favorite player going to be on? Do you have to wait until AFTER the ASG?... Surely they cannot produce all those jerseys in the couple of days before the ASG face-off.

Observation... This brilliant idea may just be costing the NHL/NHLPA/Merchants/Reebok/Organizations/etc. a lot of lost revenue. Duh!

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