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Originally Posted by satrabyk View Post
He hasent been a 100% 1 game since haven been on the Rangers. There is a defenite issue here. If he is hurt he should not be playing and rest for a hopeful playoff push were he is expected to play hard without beign cautious and worrying about injury. I am tired of seeing him play so cautious and really hampers the other players as well. Its not a good role model when ur best player is avoiding and possible contact. I personally think the shoulder is sensitive by his motions out on the ice. To those of you saying he is not thinking the game properly imo are out of your mind. The fact that he is playing in a fragile state is not thinking, but to actually somewhat contribute with a poor shoulder or what not you have to have a pretty good mind for hockey which imo he does. He is 1 of the smartest players i have ever seen.

MZA doesn't belong in the NHL... Taken with a grain of salt. Gaborik is not known for being a cerebral player with tremendous vision who thinks the game and makes those around him better. He's made an all-star career on explosive speed and a world class shot. You say scoring against weak teams proves he is thinking the game well because he uses his intelligence to take advantage of weak opponents. I say the players who consistently score against good teams must be geniuses than. Gaborik is not putting himself in good positions in the offensive zone. He always drives behind the net, he plays too low in the zone (if you're going to be beneath the hash marks you shouldn't be along the boards, all the time). He gets rid of the puck too quickly, despite having good playmaking ability which we would benefit from in the absence of his goal scoring. I'm just not liking his game at all right now. Even the assist he ended up with tonight was a gimme from Dubinsky and should have been a sure-fire goal to begin with. I hope he's injured, because I can't think of any excuses for him if he's not.

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