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Keep the puck away from Carle and he is ok. There's really nothing to argue about this, the proof is on the ice in every game. Meszaros has closed the game in TOI/G, mainly because of special teams (where Meszaros gets more time than Carle), where a lot of games are won and lost. Carle is the #5, and paid far too much to do so, which is why eventually he will not get another contract with us, so Timonen can stay and Gustafsson can come up, and the only reason he is not a #6 is because O'Donnell at his age is not a 20-minute player.

Other than that he is a disaster. He had at least 3 turnovers on pucks that went from his stick to a Devils defender before clearing the zone, and that's only ones I noticed without the benefit of replays. The last of these Boucher had to make an amazing save to preserve 2 points. Bartulis was getting time late in the game to take time away from him, and he only played 10 minutes.

People who watch games know this, people who don't, it shows. Richards doesn't watch games, he plays them. The opinions of other players hold little water because they're ultimately saying what they're supposed to. Other people who think Carle is good, are just admitting they don't watch games, or see only what they want to see so they can come on HF and act like they're right about everything - they're no point in arguing with the Carle Lovers, because he could defecate on the ice, and to them he is still better than Pronger. As I've stated, and Laviolette has proven, Carle plays with Pronger because he has to, not because he's good enough to. He sees what John Stevens even saw. That's why Timonen, Coburn, Meszaros, and O'Donnell at times have anchored their own pairings this season. This team will be better when Carle is gone, and someone else is in doing the same job for a fraction of the price.

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