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10-08-2003, 07:46 PM
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QUOTE=LoudmouthHemskyfan#1]Nowhere in there does he say that Comrie has said that. This is posturing, pure and simple, to be expected.

And on top of that, not aimed at any one person directly, it's is ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC the attitude of some of the so-called "former Comrie fans" on here. Blind faith in the wonder we never get any better.....[/QUOTE]

True, no where in there does it state what Comrie said, but someone who is paid to represent Comrie publicly has stated those things. And Kevin Lowe, whos job is to deal with Comrie's representative, has said that the player in question has demanded (in person or through his rep) a trade. This is not blind faith. these are comments that are out in the open, in the public, in the media.

So unless theres alot of lying going on, Comrie has issues with the Oilers organization and has instructed his agent to make it clear to the management that he wants the Hell out of Edmonton. In plain english, a young, hometown hockey protege, son of a local millionaire, playing for his childhood favortie hockey franchise got paid too handsomly for the first 3 years of service. He was critisized for a poor playoff performance (along with others), and now is essentially saying "Im taking my toys from this sandbox and playing with you anymore because your NOT NICE".

No matter how good he is after this, his public image will never recover from this (he'll join the likes of such heroes as Lindros and Yashin, real hockey warriors)

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