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01-09-2011, 12:03 PM
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Originally Posted by TheBuriedHab View Post
are we honestly complaining about d'agostini and SK? Dagger sucked sorry, hes only putting up points because of st louis' injuries so hes playing on the first line. SK dug his own grave here, nothing habs could have done, the guy was sent down and he threatened to go to the Khl. Laps wanted out. Only trade I don't like is OB trade but they got a nice prospect back. Other than that I see some scraps and spare parts. Robidas was a while ago can't blame it on this regime. Ribs, well he looked great the first year but has slowed down and again last year his work ethic was taken into question. This happens to every team people. Detroit Gave away Ville Leino to philly last year.
D'Ago still ends up playing a whole lot of 14-15 minutes a game....not what you'd expect from a 1st liner. And in the end, if he succeeds playing in the 1st line like you are saying, well with the return of Oshie, Perron and McDonald, chances are that he could get a sniff of the 2nd line. So he still could have those stats.

SK digging his own grave doing what....You mean that the reports we laughed at when it happened were finally true? How do you know that? And he threatened to go to the KHL? Where the heck do you take this from? Again, it's just laughable how every report pre-trade is always stupid and untrue and suddenly all the reports post-trade are suddenly true...He made 1 mistake. Not wanting to report. But he felt he got screwed in the process and was mad about it. And frankly he is proving how wrong we were like he knew we were. Strangely, when he decided to go, Boucher had no problems with him. SKost by himself asked Boucher to look at some videos to see the areas to improve....clealry not what a "cancer" or a "grave digger" would do....Habs couldn't do nothing? Strangely, there's a lot of posters here who mentions who tough it is to play in this terrible city.....So how about a little acknowledgment by this great org. and surround them better?

Oh and Ribeiro is suppose to have a work ethic problem....says who? And even if it would be true, you know that Price had a terrible attitude and work ethic also? You know that some are starting to mention that Cammy is not a great team know that some mention that AKost is a lazy player with a terrible work ethic and do I need to go on? So what do we do? Not work with them and ship them all out, and get close to nothing each and every team? How the heck are you suppose to be able to build a team if you continuously do that?

Oh and it happens to every team??? You mean that many players? And you're mentioning Detroit on top of that, but you know what Detroit has we don't in the past 17 years? 4 Cups, 2 Lost in Finals and TREMENDOUS regular seasons which was really fun to watch. Please don't compare them to us. Even if they lose a couple of guys in the process, they are still on top of the league and they have the history they don't that makes up for it. Detroit has 10 more points than us as we speak. The only reason why we battle for the top spot in our division is because of how weak it is. Take the points we have, note that we play in the Eastern conf, acknowledge how weak it is compared to the other especially this year, and understand that we are far from being Detroit even if they ended up losing Leino.....

If in the end, we end up a better team by any types of miracles, whatever we're losing, well it would still suck but not as much. But when you're continuously a bubble team, any losses are important ones. But hey, I guess it helps to compare ourselves to the worst....I keep reading that it could be worst, we could be the reassuring....

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