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01-09-2011, 12:04 PM
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Why do you have to refer to the past, why can you not focus on the team now.

The whole thing with Ribiero and Robidas and such.

The way I look at it, if we kept players like we had, it would effected the way we drafted. Who knows we might not have Subban now, or Plekanec. Who knows.

We just keep moving forward and not worry about the past and look forward with what we got, which by the way IMO is a hard working team. They are getting rid of dead weight in Montreal.

Lapierre - Did squat really when he was here. He had one productive season, of 28 points where, alot thought he was turning a corner and going to be a really good player. Next season he fell flat. This season was not all the good. He tooking boxing lessons, but didn't help really all that much. The one thing he had was a shoot mentality but, with open wingers he didn't pass much and shot either wide or right at the goalie. He just wasn't helping the team any more, why not give a shot to an up and comer who could put up production and play a sound game.

Latendresse - He look like he was going to be an answer to our big body who goes to the net and be a big 1st or 2nd line powerforward. He later complained not enough ice time and not given a chance. He was given his chance, played with with Koivu several times and couldn't do much. He then guys were brought in and basically sealed his fate, as they were capable of producing and he was demoted and scratched as well. We had a solution in Pouliot and he seems to be hitting his groove again and this is with 3rd line mintues and he is taking advantage something Latendresse never really did. He is thriving in Minnesota yes, and wish him all the best. Just you got to remember it wasn't working here. He got a new chance at hockey life and it probably rejuvanated him. I don't know, but it wasn't working here.

S.Kostitsyn - He was a distraction here simple as that. He is gifted don't get me wrong, but he just paraded around like he was suppose to be a top line player, with not even contributing. He was calling out the organization and the coaching. With S.Kostitsyn in the lineup we played decent. Our team now is playing good as well. IMO I don't even miss the guy. He wasn't much of a threat in Montreal. Again wish him luck even though he ran his mouth. He has a new shot and he is taking it. His brother seems to be playing better without distractions and he is very physical this year.

Grabovski - things between him and the Kostitsyn's specifically Sergei didn't help in the lockerroom, you seen things boil over the next season when Montreal saw Toronto in the opening game going after each other and such. Andrei Kostitsyn even though it wasn't his bad blood it was Sergei's he stuck up for him. Things have been patched up, since then.

Ribiero - He was young and was a hotdog when he was here. He said it himself that when he was in Montreal he was just a nieve boy and Dallas over time turned him into a man and was a better hockey player. Again wasn't happening in Montreal.

O'Byrne - He was not getting much ice time, I think it was a bad decision overall to trade him especially with our defensive injuries right now. I think Martin should of played him more than he did. He is a big upgrade over Picard.

All in all, we are not the only team in the NHL who has this happen to them. Look at Luongo, Spezza, Chara. Like come on. The players we dealt either were not getting it together and Montreal or were a distraction. I know some deals look bad now because of how some of the players might be thriving. But if that was the case no one would trade in the NHL anymore.

You can look at these deals and get made or just look forward and at the team we have. I honestly think our team is coming along and is a hard working team. Gauthier is now taking out the trash and bringing in some hard working talent.

He might be getting prospects, but you look at our team from top to bottom and they all play very hard. I wouldn't change that IMO, only if we were bringing in the same type of hard working players and keep our chemistry good. Our team IMO has not looked this good or like a contender in a long while. Until that overhaul and we are built very good and are looking to contend for more years to come. The deals are fine right now, the only one I look back at recently was the O'Byrne trade, but because we are getting the injury bug on the backend. Not because of the trade its self, just because of our situation right now.

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