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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Sorry, but every guy that left, at one point, said how misused they were. Or even if you prefer to think that they were ALL missing their acknowledgment, if it happens to 1 guy or 2, I'd say fine. But more than that and I'll start questioning the guy who's in charge of making those assignments...

By Dany Dubé, not me, a respectful journalist who will only talk badly about a Habs almost if he's force to..... mentioned how Carey Price had a stupid attitude and had an incredibly poor work ethic to a point that they had to figure out that a change of goalie coach was get who actually? Pierre Groulx. A coach who, from Craig Anderson himself, who Groulx coaches, was more working you mentally than technically. So for Price, a change of mentality was offered. A change of scenery WITHIN the team. A change of approach to make him work better and to our advantage. Well while it's not possible to change Martin, well maybe a little acknowledgment of each and every one personnality and adapt to it. Something we are told that Martin DOESN'T DO. Does Muller do it? I guess he tries his best but clearly it doesn't work when most guys leaving are still in doubt of what their role were, of what they should or shouldn't be doing. And the ones who are following it, well are all BEHIND their personal stats except 1 guy....Andrei Kostitsyn. A guy so appreciated that his coach told the whole press that he was playing great due to his contract year....I could tell you that if L'Antichambre would have mentioned something like that, you would have read a whole lot of posts about how stupid that TV show was...

But Martin is the coach he can do whatever he wants. Can't wait to see what the future will look like when he leaves. We might be pleasantly surprised, we will see. I just don't think we will. 'Cause we already got rid of what was not so long a few of our bright lights.

Groulx had little to do with the change in Price. The big transformation happed when halak took the #1 job late last year and in the playoffs. The goalie coach can talk till he is blue in the face, but the work has to come from the player.

SK got tons of opportunities here and did not take his job seriously enough, maybe a trade to nashville made things "click" but he had little to no value on the market last summer...PG can't force other teams to over pay for a problem child.

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