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Originally Posted by TheBuriedHab View Post
So you have D'agostini in our line up other than who on the top 3 lines? The only one that is close is Pouliot. You can like these players all you want but im not even going to blink at the prospect of Losing Matt ****ing D'agostini for nothing.

SK did dig his own grave. Why do you think 2 coaches had a problem with him? Why do you think in Training Camp Carbo said Sergei was acting like a 10 year vet? Why do you think Martin made an example out of him in training camp? Why do you think he sent him down to begin the season and wouldn't even keep him around for the team bonding? Why do you think Carey Price called him out when he left Practice Early? YEAH he did dig his own grave. It was pretty obvious. I'm not going to even go into the reports of him missing the team bus to quebec city, him having a talk with Bob Gainey when he wouldn't report to hamilton right away because those might not be true, but when coaches and players call you out... You act as if the team had some made up vendetta against the kid. Why do you think those reports are out there? I'm not saying that every negative report on Sergie was true, but when theres a theme....

The stars were thinking of trading Ribs a year or two ago according To lebrun because of his work ethic. It was on Hotstove im not going to go look for the video. Believe me if you want I could care less.

It just seems ridiculous that people are crying over players like SK and D'agostini. When they fail to see that they are getting roles on their new teams that they don't have a shot to have on our team. Who are we playing D'agostini over in our top 6? Patches or Ak? Cammy? Gionta? Same goes for sk. Ribeiro was traded yeah, but then Tomas Plekanec developed into a really solid player when he got more time in ribeiro's leaving. I'm the last thing from a guy that is in love with the habs player development and coaching but when people start to whine about losing some depth players that would have a hard time cracking our top 9 I don't care. Especially the players that did nothing to help themselves when they were here like SK.
So who cares about Pouliot? Is he himself the king of work ethic? And even if we'd cared about the top 6 anyway 'cause at one point the idea of this team is to have a top offensive 9 anyway? Why wouldn't you have either of MaxPac and D'Ago on the top 9? And when AKost isn't performing, how about having a player that could actually take a top 6 instead of going with Moen or Pyatt like we saw and still see from time to time? You do know that we just NOW found a top 6 member in MaxPac. How about having D'Agostini on the 2nd line and have MaxPac playing with Desharnais on the 3rd?

Yeah, and the them about SKost was a lack of maturity. But he still didn't kill anybody. He still proved in one playoff that he had the talent to shine. He still had proved prior to that that was a possibility he could be a more complete player than his bro. So once you're called out, you're done? See I hear the same report about Subban...when is he leaving? Yet, that freakin punk SK, once again, worked well with Boucher who had nothing bad to say against him. See the video example given not so long ago. Yeah, it's harder with some guys...boohoo. Work harder to make it work. Adjust your communication for them. Play with their strengths. But not here. Not with Martin. System first. Not only first but ONLY the system. 'Cause it's been proven how great it works especially in the playoffs.....Martin is so great that NOBODY thought about him when we were looking for a coach. But now that he is, is the greatest invention. Great, I'll remember that the day he's fired.....but I guess THEN, we'll hear how HE was the cancer after all....

Oh and Ribeiro ALMOST was traded....come on. Was he? So is 300 players in the league, ask Eklund. And again, it all comes down to being human beings but at one point, if you still deliver on the ice, what's the problems honestly. Oh it is a problem 'cause the room might not have chemistry....geez people didn't I hear EVERY SINGLE YEAR how it's the best chemistry ever? And even if it wasn't, isn't possible that in the best chemistry ever, there are a couple of guys within the dressing room that don't hang out too much and don't talk a lot to each other? Who freakin cares, bring it when it counts and not on the plane playing cards or something....See I hear that Cammy is not the best team player....who cares if he scores a couple right? We hear how Subban is cocky and isn't the most liked guy in the room....who cared about that yesterday?

But then you go back in history and wonder who they would replace? Would we have to sign those guys at a ridiculous price if we would have developed some of those players? Oh and Pleks develop properly 'cause Ribs wasn't here.....How about you have 3 offensive lines in place and then when it's time, if you absolutely have to deal one or the other, you deal one that ends up having some kind value. How about dealing when you actually have the advantage over the other or is that a concept we don't know 'cause we're not too familiar with it.....

Incredibly enough, any of those kids wouldn't have a role on our team. Again, I hear some of you talk and I think my team are the Wings. We seem to be way too good for any of those guys, yet, we're always fighting for a playoff spot.

You don't care? Couldn't care less either. Unfortunately I care that it was a freakin big thing that we've reached the 3rd round last year. Incredible enough since it's the best we did in 17 years. Unfortuntely, I care about winning. I care about the present but I also care about the future, about what this league is all about with the cap and all. I'm actually whining 'cause I can. It's no hindsight as far as I'm concered 'cause I've been behind those guys with talent the day they were the day they played for their respective teams, to the pros and to where they are right now. Yes, they are their faults. They're freakin human beings with their ups and downs. But so is the organization. And the day they stopped thinking like you and others with their "Addition by substraction" theory, that's the day when the'll start to be accountable for their actions.

Freakin "They would have never worked here" people really actually believe that? Who works here anyway then? How's everybody stats right now this year compared to last year?

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