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Originally Posted by darko View Post
Not really. Sting makes a good point. Not sure if they've got us beat in 'injury' department but Oshie, McDonald and Perron are big losses for them.
Those three are still not that spectacular although at the very least Oshie and Perron are still developing and who knows what they coulda done this year. But gabs isn't the same player he was I think b/c of his injury and I think Drury is a bit worse because he's missed most of the season.

Cally, gabs, Drury, Prospal, then I guess throw in Ec and Boog though they dont mean much.

It's a definite wash w/ personal preference leaning one way or the other. There's no doubt it's an even better win if the blues are healthy, maybe we lose but so what? If gabs was playing like he was last year and Cally/Prospal were healthy maybe we still win. But we';re a much better overall team than we;ve been in ages right now. To try to harp on the blues weakness it just seems to take away from the postiives the rangers are doing so in that regard though a point worth noting it's kinda on the negative side. Is there an excuse for our win against Dallas too? How many wins can we find excuses for? Just seems pointless when a team is playing like ours is to find excuses in the middle of what 3 wins in 4 nights?

There'll be another loss or two like we had right before this three game win streak but hey we're a slightly above average team w/ a chance to make noise in the PO's we're not elite.

Also the shift Fro got hurt I noticed him hustle over Gabs to get back oN D and started to think "Y'know he's yet another dissappointment offensively but w/e if he's playing like this more often I think I like the guy." Then he got hurt and tried to keep going. Could it be Mr. Wrap around is going to end up being liked and appreciated like Drury is despite his muiltitude of failings? N'ah

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