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01-09-2011, 03:16 PM
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Originally Posted by MountainHawk View Post
I probably just have a blue and a white or a red and a white, and will sell jerseys for both teams.

I heard the teams are just going to be called 'Team [captain last name]', so we could be in the horrible situation of seeing Briere score for 'team Crosby'.
Still... each player will be assigned to a team two days prior to ASG... Until then there is a 50/50 chance of buying a player jersey with the correct color. How are they to make and stock players jerseys? Rhetorical question... unless somebody has the correct answer. I can't even guess what they will do for jersey sales.

The thing is specialty jersey sales are such money makers... and many fans enjoy it and spend much money on them... I just feel that this is great revenue lost to NHL?NHLPA... and has to have at least a small effect on the Cap -- granted, very small in the grand scheme of things... but a negative effect just the same.

As for Team Crosby... My hope is the players go the route I believe to be the best and honorable one; rather than go the man-crush way fans would, players should honor the long-standing players who have served the NHL well over a long period of time... the veteran players who may not have the marque name of a Crosby, OV, or Stamkos... Just dreaming though. sigh.

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