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01-09-2011, 02:21 PM
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Originally Posted by MetroGnome View Post
So, Iíve been getting this message for a little over a month now. My battery is barely at 25% all the time because it doesnít charge anymore. On the odd day, it does start charging randomly and it also seems to charge if I plug it in electrical outlets I wouldnít normally use. My laptop is 16 months old; Iíd think this isnít normal.

it is if you have a dell or hp or wtv laptop. My sister's Sony's battery died in about a year. It's 'normal' I guess, but a pretty ****** deal for those who aren't expecting it. Might be covered by any warranties you have. If not, i'd suggest getting an aftermarket battery to replace your current one, as they usually last longer and can be had for cheaper than getting one from your laptop's manufacturer.

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