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01-09-2011, 03:08 PM
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Originally Posted by William H Bonney View Post
...Hopefully this should finally end all the conspiracy theories and maybe allow some posters to really rethink a lot of the garbage about Jack, and his intentions, that was thrown around here for awhile. None of it has proven to be true.
Originally Posted by sw1tch View Post
oh wow, with all the nonsense that is thrown about, never thought i would read about an extension that long.

Love it for 2 reasons. It shows JJ's heart for the club to take a 7 year deal at what i see as a discount, and shows DL's loyalty to Jack to give him a lengthy contract like that, showing he isnt trade bait
Originally Posted by no name View Post
I'm impressed with Jack. He gave up his chance at the lottery and gave the Kings a very modest deal.
Its a great deal with the right kind of structuring. It gives JJ the confidence to know that the team is committed to him and gives DL a similar reciprocal confidence as well. Its a discount if this year's offensive production is any indication of what JJ is capable of in years to come. It allows JJ to mature and places a premium on future years when JJ will be expected to be as strong defensively as he already is currently demonstrating he can be offensively.

It will certainly end the incessant JJ and a 1st for _______ talk.

It just as certainly tells DD08 what he should expect, whether a little more or a little less, who but DL knows?

Way to go DL, and props for CBGB for being on the money on this one.

Lets just make sure nobody asks DL anything about Red Berenson and the U of M hockey program anytime soon!

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