Thread: Injury Report: Frolov Out for Season
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01-09-2011, 07:01 PM
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Why is everyone &^itting the bed about Frolov attempting wraparounds? I for one love wraparound tries. Remember Gartner? Brilliant at the wraparound.

Its an effective tool one can use if the goalie is slow moving side to side, or "Stuck" on one side and the d gets in the way of the goalie and BAM! you have an empty netter. Or you try the wraparound and bank it off the goalie who is moving side to side, or it banks off the d that might be standing in the crease.

Just because Frolov wasnt lucky enough to bang a few home that way, doenst mean we should ban the wrap around goals. Remember a certain player in the 94 playoffs who had a FEW IMPORTANT goals via wraparound?

(and yes, I expect to see some knuckleheads saying homo's wraparound ALL THE TIME. Its called the Reacharound LOL)

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