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01-09-2011, 09:25 PM
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Originally Posted by RabidBadger View Post
I don't know about the "best" rivalry. If I had to pick a top conference rivalry it would be NoDak and Denver the past 5 years. I think that one trumps ND/MN even when Minny had good teams a few years ago (remember those?). I know we all hate the Goofs the most, but, sadly, they haven't provided the competition level necessary to stoke the flames of rivalry. I'd say NoDak (always a close 2nd most hated rival in the cheese-clogged ventricles of Badger fan's hearts), St. Cloud and Duluth have surplanted Minny as the teams they'd like to pelt with beer cans, if we were classless as Canadian hockey fans, in Madison.

I feel accomplished after managing to insult Sioux, Goof and Canadian fans in one fell swoop (although I only meant it about Canadian fans)...time to move on. Good luck this weekend!
I still get more pumped for this series more than any other regardless of how crappy the goofs are. The trash talking that leads up to it with my goof fan buds and then the craziness at the Ralph during the games. Usually all in good fun but then ya run into some idiots that have had way to many beers and just won't shut up even after the Sioux just kicked their boys butts. Some folks really don't have a clue. But Rabid you are right about the last 5 years or so the Denver series has been good but I was at both games at the Ralph back in October and it still doesn't come close to the buzz in the Ralph that this series does.

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