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01-10-2011, 10:00 AM
Spero Meliora
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I know this is going to come off as a really stupid question, and I know that I'm going to hear a lot of negative even for asking, but is it possible to start playing hockey at 23 and still make it into the NHL?

Believe me, I'm aware that the chances are slim to none. I'm not talking about what the chances are; I'm just wondering if it's within the realm of possibility. Everyone has delusions of grandeur when they play a sport, and most people don't take it very seriously when they say things like that (a lot of people do, and still don't make it.) I know people dedicate their entire lives to this game and don't make it...but again, I'm just wondering if it's possible at all if you have the talent and the drive can those missed years be made up?

I'll go get my flame retardant suit now.

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