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01-10-2011, 10:01 AM
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Originally Posted by phillyfanatic View Post
Thanks all. I was surprised at the negative reaction towards Meszaros as I was very familliar with his game in Ottawa and he was excellent. When he moved on to Tampa, I do not follow that team closely but I was sure Meszaros would be good in Philly. That got me thinking about Walker as I, like everyone have all but written him off as garbage. So I was just curious if anyone has good information on him and if he has the potential to surprise us all and be a valuable addition to the already stacked d-unit.

Also, If we were to make one of the trades people are suggesting involving Carle - that trade is only doable if Walker-O'donnell were a solid d-unit.

Again, I have no opinion on Walker at this point. Just curious if he can provide benefit to the team. At this point since he hasn't played, it is like we have made a trade to bolster the d and I am curious if the new player improves the team. We shall see.
That's a stretch. He was excellent his rookie year, and then OK the next two (part of the reason they were willing to part with him on top of the cap issue). After that he was decidedly mediocre-to-bad in TB.

Originally Posted by phillyfanatic View Post
Great point. I am of the opinion that we are slowly killing Bartulis at the present time. A young guy like him is getting zero benefit sitting in the pressbox every night. If you want to see if he can play he needs to get plenty of ice time and in a couple of years we will see if he is good or not. Sadly, since Philly is likely to keep him as a #7 or #8, he might be best off developing in another city. Young players only get better with experience. If Bartulis were in Florida, I think within a year or two he would morph into a nice #4.

In Philly, I think we need a veteran guy making Bartulis money to fill in as a #7. Not a young kid who is not going to help playing once every 10 games. It is not good for the Flyers and not good for Bartulis. Either play him and live with the growing pains or move him IMO.
Holmgren *ed Bartulis over this year.

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