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01-10-2011, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
You guys totally miss the point, no one is talking about the hockey part of the trade. I personally would rather have Lubo who is on pace for a 65 point season, but the hockey part is not relevant.

It's a manager who preaches player loyalty and then trades a guy who at the end of his contract would have finished his 13th season with the Kings, if anyone had a Kings tattoo on his butt it was Lubomir Visnovsky.

Now what Dean did was totally within the rules, no one is debating that. He had every right to trade Visnovsky. But if you are going to make trades like that, then don't make BS comments about player loyalties or tattoo's on their butts if you clearly are going to treat them like mercenaries. It was the perfect example of saying one thing and doing another. It was Nick Saban saying "I am not taking the Alabama job" and a week later being introduced. Just don't make comments like that and preach loyalty if you aren't going to live up to them.

Loyalty is a two way street, wouldn't you agree Sydor25?
I think you are taking his words too literally, and ignoring the fact that he was given the contract as a reward which he has still enjoyed lucratively. The problem is that the hockey aspects of the deal have to be brought into any personal aspects of the deal. The game is a business first and foremost and any GM is going to do what is best for the franchise first with very few exceptions going the other way. There was no room for Lubo after we fell on our face and received the second overall pick. He was in our plans when the season began, but we couldn't afford to keep him after that terrible year, there was just no way. It was nothing personal. It was unfortunate for Lubo, but there was no choice to it. Stoll and Greene was fair compensation and helped the rebuild.


“We still have a lot of guys who haven't scored a goal since Jesus was a baby.” - Darryl Sutter
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