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01-10-2011, 01:09 PM
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Originally Posted by CBGB View Post
Much appreciated Tonelli. It was exciting to break and to bring some much needed good news to Kings fans.

Now, if I can only get a trade rumor right!
Now if you can only get the "right trade" rumor right!

Don't take it personal Barry, message board posters are a fickle lot. We all love you, in a black sheep cousin kind of way!

Originally Posted by Herby View Post
I am very happy tonight that the Kings committed to JJ and JJ committed to the Kings. I give Lombardi credit for locking up his 1B defenseman for a very very long time at a fair deal for both parties involved. This is the type of deal and term other teams have been giving their young star players and it's nice to see the Kings follow suit.

I don't know where you get this idea that I think everything the guy does is awful. I have said before he has made many nice deals and later round draft picks. It's not like I think he can do no right.
Don't go brown nosing on me now!

Originally Posted by Herby View Post
Anyways, can now go ahead and order the Johnson jersey, wanted to get it awhile ago but always had the feeling my heart was going to be broken like with Visnovsky and Cammalleri.
I've got a cheap O'Sullivan jersey. Any takers? Actually, I'm just waiting for Loktionov to make the team so I can have the name plate replaced. My luck, he'll get traded too.

Originally Posted by Tikkanen View Post
Great deal. Jack has earned it. He was awful when he first came here but really turned it on last season and has been solid again this year. It's good to know he will continue to improve while in a Kings uniform rather than turn into another Larry Murphy. These types of deal are the biggest difference between old Kings teams and the current King team and management/ownership.
Gawd, I hope so!

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